Tuned on our 4WD MAHA Dyno
£ £499 Best those with modified/performance
  • Bespoke Tune
  • Before & After Print Out Of Power Runs
  • Vehicle Heath Check


Tuned either at out HQ or we come to you
£ £499 Best for those looking for extra power
on stock vehicles
  • Base File, Developed on Our Dyno
  • Cheaper Option
  • More Power & Throttle Response


Tune your vehicle anywhere, using the MP SelfTune
£ £499 Best for those who want a MP tune
but are unable to get to us
  • Switchable Tunes
  • Switch back to stock at any point
  • Tune any where at any time

“Great service from the guys at Mallory Performance. Dealt with my issue fantastically and made me feel completely at ease. The car is completely transformed. Great facilities. Couldn’t recommend them enough, will definitely be back in the future!”

– George Bunn

“Had Mallory Performance out today to my home address for a stage 1 remap. Booking process was very easy and Amy receptionist was very helpful. The man that came out was very professional and did a great job.
Very convenient and would recommend:”

– Rebecca Stevenson

“Had my car tuned on dyno by Phil was told about every stage of the tune from the minute I turned up. Very pleased with the out come will definitely be using them again”

– Gary Winborne

“Very impressed by Mallory performance, very professional and a amazing set up! Went in last week to have a set off AC Schnitzer lowering springs fitted and over the moon with the outcome. Thank you”

B Johal


Tuning a turbo diesel vehicle can improve the cars performance and economy dramatically. We see some great performance gains from TDI vehicles. Not only in cars but also in vans, remapping is very popular with vans which tow, as the extra torque from the tune can really help.


Our most popular cars to tune are performance cars. Whilst they leave the dealership with plenty of power, there is always room for more. Alongside addition modifications we can build bespoke tunes to your vehicle to suit your driving style.


Being based at Mallory Park, Leicester we get alot of customers willing to travel to get their car tuned. If this is not an option, you are still able to use our tuning service but from home with our Mallory Performance Selftune.


With a mobile remap we load on a pre built tune which has been tested on our dyno & road before hand. The benefit of mobile map is you don’t have to leave your home or workplace to have your car tuned. The mobile tunes are designed to stay within a standard cars parameters where as a dyno tune would more suit someone who is looking for a complete custom set up i.e if your car was modified with extras such as upgraded turbo, fuel system & race setups.

Manufacturers have to tune their vehicles to suit the worst types of climates & fuel grades around the world, therefore they are often “downtuned” to avoid warranty claims. In the UK the conditions are excellent for an engine and we have access to good fuel. So in a sense we are removing the “detune” the manufacturer has install to unleash the full potential of the vehicle.

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The tunes are designed to stay within a standard cars parameters. 

As we’ve seen, there are a number of ways in which your vehicle can benefit from ECU remap services, including improving the performance of your engine and reducing your expenditure on petrol or diesel. Although it’s natural to have concerns about the impact of reprogramming the software on your car, particularly if this involves altering the manufacturer’s settings, in the majority of cases a remap is not only safe but beneficial, helping it to respond to the conditions in which it is used and maintained.

Fill in the quotation form and we will get back to you ASAP with a price & availability. Please keep an eye on your Spam folder as we generally reply via email!